A photo of Halemaumau crater at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Moonbow's Soaring Over Volcanoes

Volcanoes National Park Big Island Hawaii

On the summit of Kilauea, Halemau'uma'u crater glows red from the fountaining lava feeding the lava lake below. Another anomaly forms in a cooler region across the large caldera just a mile or two away. A moonbow appeared from the cold mist that was illuminated by the bright moon setting.

A moonbow is a rainbow caused by the reflection and refraction of light from water droplets in the air. The color spectrum produced by a moonbow is similar to that of an ordinary rainbow but with fewer colors. Moonbows are usually much dimmer than rainbows. These are unique scenes that make the Big Island of Hawaii genuinely unique. To learn more about how I shot this image, click here.
Photo © copyright by The Edge Explorer.

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