A photo of Akaka Falls on the Big Island of  Hawaii. I captured the most amazing sunset I have ever seen at this location.

Akaka Falls

Big Island Hawaii

Akaka Falls Sunset

Akaka Falls is a waterfall that stands 422 feet tall, located on the east side of the Big Island. In this image, I captured the most amazing sunset I have ever seen at this location. On a random Sunday, I went there to take a few photos and relax by the waterfall, as I often do. It was a cloudy day, so when the sun went down, the sky went gray, which led me to believe that my time shooting photos was over. I packed up my camera and started looking in the bushes for Jackson Chameleons. I turned back around just a few minutes later and noticed the sky had blown up with the most vibrant colors I have ever seen there. I scrambled to take my camera back out and was able to take just a few shots before the sky faded back to gray. To this day, I keep going back to Akaka Falls with the hopes of witnessing a similar sunset.

Photo © copyright by The Edge Explorer.

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