Hawaii Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees

Hawaii Rainbow eucalyptus tree fine art prints by Landscape and Nature Photographer Wade Morales and Tom Kualii. Rainbow Eucalyptus trees come in many shapes and colors.Rainbow eucalyptus trees make for brilliant prints for your home. If you see a photo you would like to purchase, click the shopping cart below the image for all available print options and prices.

Sometimes referred to as a rainbow tree because of its rainbow bark, the rainbow eucalyptus tree is a real head-turner, especially for people who have never seen one. Although they are not native Hawaiian trees, you can find them growing throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Some popular places to see them are the road to Hana and Keane Arboretum and botanical garden on Maui, the Keahua Arboretum on Kauai, and Kona Cloud Forest on The Big Island. As a landscape photographer, I saw these incredible rainbow trees and endless possibilities to create art using them as subjects in my photos. I began visiting these trees throughout the years, noting when they looked the most colorful. I started photographing different perspectives and abstract images of these trees. The best part is that the patterns and colors of the trees are constantly changing as the bark sheds throughout the year. This gave me endless opportunities to return to the same trees and create new and unique photos. I have become much more selective in photographing them when I feel they look their best and present unique patterns in the bark. I hope you enjoy this collection of rainbow eucalyptus trees photos.

Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree Fine Art Photography Prints

One of the most beautiful trees in the world, the Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree is truly second to none. My collection of Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree photos are available in stunning fine art prints and large format wall art.


These prints look incredible and are ready to put in a frame design of your choice. My photographic paper prints are printed with high-quality pigment inks giving them longevity, a brilliant finish, and protection from fading.

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